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The Missing "Encyclopedia of You" That SHOULD Have Been Given To You At Birth...

Dear Friend,

Imagine just for a moment what your life would be like if it were perfect in every way.  

Relish the experience of...

...bounding out of bed each morning, excited and brimming with anticipation knowing that you had the privilege of going to a job you not only excel at professionally, but that also feeds your soul and enriches your life...

...the sense of personal satisfaction that comes from contributing to your community in ways that are as meaningful and beneficial for you as they are for the people you serve...

...that "warm & fuzzy" feeling that comes when you have truly authentic relationships with the most important people in your life ~ your spouse, siblings, children or parents ~ and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved and accepted unconditionally...

For Thousands of People,
This "Dream" Is Their Reality!

When you meet one of these people (we'll call them "The Lucky Ones") you know it immediately.  They exude confidence, happiness and contentment.

Others are naturally attracted to them.  You find yourself wanting to spend time with them, to get to know them a little better, to figure out what they know that you haven't figured out.

These "Lucky Ones" act as if they could conquer the world.

In truth they have already done all the "conquering" they need to do.  But their conquest isn't some external force or secret formula.  They don't have any special abilities or hidden powers.

They can't read minds or travel in time.  And they certainly don't wear a cape.

So what makes them different from everyone else? One simple thing.

Something so simple, so obvious, dare I say even so mundane... that it seems too simple to be true.  (And although their secret is "simple" applying it isn't always easy.)

It's something the Greek philosophers have been teaching for centuries...

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

You've heard it before.  You may even think you know what it means.  But unless you're one of "The Lucky Ones," chances are you don't fully understand how to apply this powerful concept to reap the benefits in your own life.

Knowing yourself is not just knowing what you like and dislike.  It's not just having some goals of things you'd like to do, be and have at some point in the future.  It's not having a picture of the person you'd like to marry, the job you'd like to have or the places you'd like to travel.

No.  Those things are all part of knowing yourself, but the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper.

Really knowing yourself means that you understand your unique gifts and talents... and the ways you can use those talents in the real world to live the kind of life you've always felt was attainable for you... but which somehow remains elusively just beyond your reach.

Knowing yourself means understanding WHY you behave, act and respond the ways that you do so that you can intentionally help the important people in your life communicate more effectively and appropriately with you.  People like your spouse, your boss and your children.

It means knowing how your behavior changes when you are in a stress situation... and being able to use that awareness to effectively reduce or eliminate the stress you're under and move effortlessly back into your natural state of flow.

So, barring a trip back in time to hang out with Socrates, how can you begin to "know yourself" and take advantage of all that this fountain of knowledge offers?

How, In Short, Can You Become
One of "The Lucky Ones"?

Let me introduce you to the field of psychometrics, which is defined as:

"The branch of psychology that deals with the design, administration, and interpretation of quantitative tests for the measurement of psychological variables such as intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits."

In layman's terms, psychometrics is the study of human aptitude, personality and areas of core competencies with the aim of helping an individual better understand their natural strengths and weaknesses.

Much of the early work (both theoretical and applied) in this branch of modern psychology was conducted by Francis Galton in the late 1800s.  Galton is the same person who scientifically validated the method of identifying criminals using their fingerprints, leading to its acceptance by the courts.

This method survives to this day, as does his work in the area of human psychology!

You've probably heard of at least one of the many available psychometric tests at some point in your lifetime.  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the DISC Method are two of the more popular versions available and are often used by employers to evaluate current and potential employees to determine whether they will "fit" into a particular role or environment.

Although incredibly popular the vast majority of the available psychometric tests (including Myers-Briggs and DISC) have a hidden flaw that can ultimately prevent you from experiencing "The Good Life" that those chosen lucky few are able to experience.

2.5 Million Americans "Duped" Per Year?

As many as 2.5 million Americans take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test each year. You yourself may have taken it at some point in your own life.

If so, you, too, could have been misled by this seemingly innocent hidden flaw.

Now let me be clear.

I am not suggesting that Myers-Briggs, DISC (or any other psychometric test and analysis methods or practitioners) have intentionally misled you.  I have no doubt that they firmly, wholeheartedly and genuinely believe that they are helping millions of individuals per year.

But their ignorance of the flaw in their testing system does not negate its existence.  Nor does it reduce the potential impact it can have on the millions of people that have taken one or more of these tests over the years.

So what is that small, innocuous, hidden little flaw that can have such devastating effect?

How a Bad Meal Can Ruin Your Life

In 99% of the cases, existing psychometric tests rely solely on self-reporting during the testing process.  From those self-reported answers, all manner of conclusions are drawn.  And from those conclusions, individuals and corporations alike base some of the most important decisions of their lives.

Decisions like:

  • What type of job to apply for (or what type of applicant to hire)
  • What type of person to enter into a business partnership with (or whether to promote that mid-level manager to an Executive role)
  • Whether to ask "that certain someone" to get married (or whether to say "yes" to the one who has asked)
  • What part of the world to live in
  • What kind of career path to choose
  • What to do with your investment funds
  • And much, much more

Why is self-reporting so problematic?

Quite simply, because even the smallest thing ~ like waking up on the wrong side of the bed, having an argument with your spouse, getting a bad meal or being cut off on the drive to work ~ can skew your results dramatically.

This happens because "self reporting" also means "how you feel" about the questions you're being asked.

Imagine if you were asked how you felt about your job immediately before being laid off and immediately after.  Do you think there would be a difference in your response?

How would you respond to a question about money after receiving a windfall commission compared with after two months of double-digit?

Your feelings are an important part of your day-to-day experience of living... but they shouldn't be a factor when determining your "intelligence, aptitude and personality traits".

This tendency for dominant emotion to interfere with accurate test results led David M. Boje, Ph.D., Professor of Management in the Management Department, CBAE at New Mexico State University (NMSU) to assert:

" not treat the archetype scores of M-B as anything more than Astrology."

"The test is not valid or legal to use for personnel assignments, hiring, or promotion. It does not have predictive validity for such uses. It is a useful guide, and no more. Problem is, people go to a workshop, get excited and treat M-B as a secret window into the mind of their co-workers."

Roger W. Birkman: The Man Who Changed Everything

The Birkman Method® was originally developed in the late 1940s while Roger W. Birkman, a former WWII pilot, was working with a group of scientists at the University of Texas surveying potentially useful psychological instruments for pilot selection for the US Air Force.

Dr. Birkman conceptualized, developed, and refined the Birkman Method® as part of his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Texas.

Ultimately, he believed he could create a much-needed instrument that would measure social expectations, self-concepts, interests, and stress behavior in a single assessment tool. He further believed that such an instrument would be of great value to both organizations and individuals.

His approach?

To develop an assessment that would ultmiately describe the unique NEEDS of each individual.

These needs, which had never before been considered, are the basis for how we rate our satisfaction with our lives, our careers and our relationships.

When our needs are being met, we are better able to tap into the unique genius that lies within each and every person on the planet.

But when those needs are not being met, we experience stress, which alters both our behavior and our experience of our lives.

Roger knew that this was the key to providing people with a truly transformational experience and an assessment that they could reliably depend on to guide their decisions, both now and in the future.

He Was Laughed Out Of The Building...
If They Only Knew!

This belief in the ability of a psychometric evaluation to accurately pinpoint a person's individual needs was so far ahead of its time that Roger was literally laughed out of the building an a gathering of the American Psychologists Association.

Today, that same belief in the unique needs of individuals remains the cornerstone of The Birkman Method® and is now widely recognized within the pyschological community as being a pivotal piece in understanding human behevior.

Roger Birkman was also a pioneer in the use of computers to tabulate and analyze the assessment questions and produce a comprehensive analysis report.

In the mid-1960s this was a delicate and highly controversial issue within the psychological community, who collectively believed that personality could not be reduced to a computerized process.

If only his contemporaries had the same foresight and vision that Roger had.

At the time, all assessments were completed by hand, limiting the number of daily reports to just 5 per day that could effectively be produced.

That meant a maximum of 1825 people per year, assuming that Dr. Birkman spent all of this time completing assessments and none of it improving and enhancing the assessment itself!

Today, Birkman International continues to back Dr. Birkman's original insights and research with ongoing research and development of The Birkman Method®.  Its research and development department, working with other psychometricians and industrial/organizational psychologists in universities and industry, continues to refine The Method and ensure its relevance in the 21st century.

Roger W. BirkmanIn fact, Dr. Birkman himself, at the age of 91, remains actively involved in the field of psychology and in continuing to refine and the expand the use of the The Birkman Method®.

Amazingly, Dr. Birkman's dedication, commitment and real-world vigor are borne from his own self-knowledge due to the incredible depth of knowledge and experience with his own personal results of this assessment.

Making a daily contribution in this way serves him just as much as it serves the Institute and its many beneficiaries... of which you could soon become one.

But the experience of using The Birkman Method® to understand and improve your life reaches far beyond Dr. Birkman and his team at the Birkman Institute.

More than 3 million people spanning the globe have now used their personalized assessment results to better understand themselves and to take that information and apply it in highly practical ways that impact their day-to-day experiences.

"I Now Have The Tools To Recognize & Correct Stress Behavior At a Moment's Notice!"

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"As an entrepreneur I not only want to get great results, I also want a great experience.

"I've taken similar assessments before and was initially skeptical about The Birkman Method, but all that has changed.

"Now I have not only a better understanding of myself, which allows me to understand and validate my thoughts, feelings, actions and desires...

"I also have a set of tools I can use to make better decisions and return to a state of flow whenever I find myself in stress.  Thank you Dave for giving me the information, knowledge and tools to live a better life!"

- Paul Keetch, Vancouver BC
Speaker, Bestselling Author, Internet Marketing Expert

The Platinum Standard In Psychometric Assessments

Because of Roger W. Birkman's commitment and dedication to applying the rigors of the scientific method to develop and refine the assessment, The Birkman Method® is now the Platinum Standard of available psychometric tests.

Dr. Birkman and his team have doggedly pursued an assessment methodology that would reduce or even eliminate the "self-reporting" flaw that exists in so many other assessments.

In the lifetime of its existence (since the 1950s), the assessment has undergone a series of four major revisions, each one being administered to no less than 1,000 unique individuals; the results tabulated and reviewed repeatedly by Dr. Birkman and his team.

Throughout this time, the Birkman Institute and Dr. Birkman specifically, as well as outside third party analysts, have conducted test-retest reliability analyses to determine the efficacy of the assessment in providing respondents with a useful tool that will have virtually no measurable change over the course of their lifetime.

This commitment led Frank R. Larkey, Ph.D., to assert in his paper entitled Test-Retest Reliability and The Birkman Method®:

"The Birkman Method® test-retest data have been collected over twenty years, and the strong research tradition here continues to drive the Birkman®. These research efforts have continually revealed the impressive reliability of the Birkman Method®, and they exemplify the historical and current commitment of Birkman International to research integrity."

This rigorous methodology has resulted in one of the most powerfully practical psychometric assessments available today covering 4 psychological and behavioral areas of your life.

  1. Your Interests - what is it that you like to do; what are the kinds of work you will be drawn to; what kinds of activities will you be consistently drawn to?
  2. Your Usual Behavior - how do you normally function; how is it that you engage those interests?
  3. Your Needs - what do you need in order to fully engage in your environment, at work, in your relationships with co-workers, with your family and with your friends?
  4. Your Stress Behavior - what are your typical stress behaviors that occur when your needs are not being met?

When you have clarity about...

...what your essential interests are and how they differ from your non-essential interests and your disinterests... you usually behave and engage those interests in real-time at work and within your home and social lives...

...what your unique and specific needs are in terms of your environment and how others relate to you...

...and what your stress behaviors are when those needs aren't being fully met... are suddenly (and quite possibly for the the first time evercompletely in control of the experience of your life.

Right now, you're probably thinking something along the lines of, "Sounds great, but how do I know what you're saying is really true?"

And you're right to be skeptical.

You've probably been burned in the past by some "self-help guru" claiming to have the secret answer to all your worldly woes, only to find that they practically require the deed to your home to prove that you're "serious about improving your life".

Hogwash.  A better life shouldn't cost a fortune and there are no instant fixes.

I'm not promising you an instant "happy pill" that will make all of your fears, frustrations and desires for a better life magically disappear.  If that's what you're looking for, I suggest you stop reading now and carry on your merry way.

The process of transforming your life is just that - a process.  Anyone who tells you different is probably eyeballing your wallet and waiting for the just the right moment until you've let your guard down before they pounce.

What I am promising you is genuine insight into what makes you uniquely you.  And I'm not going to ask you to mortgage your home or sell your car to be able to afford it.

In fact, I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised by how low the investment is to get access to this life-changing information.

But before we discuss that, you deserve to know a little more about who I am and how I came to be here with you today, offering you the chance at a better life.

"I'm Not Just The Hair Club President..."

Ok, so I'm not Cy Sperling and this isn't the Hair Club for Men.  But I do have my own intensely personal experience with The Birkman Method®... an experience that transformed my life in ways I could never have imagined, and which eventually led me to become a Birkman Certified Consultant.

Dave Phillips ~ Birkman Certified ConsultantMy name is Dave Phillips and my story begins 15 years ago.

By all accounts, I had it all. 

A career as a founding director at one of North America's largest insulation firm;, a successful real estate management company; a former member of Canada's National Freestyle Ski Team; a professional ski stunt performer for movies and television.

Everything seemed to be going my way.

And yet, I wasn't fulfilled.

I soon moved away from insulation and real estate into working with a family-based non-profit.

I was getting closer to that elusive sense of complete fulfillment... but something was still missing.

It was like I was working on a puzzle that had several key pieces missing.  The problem was, I didn't know which pieces... and I didn't have a picture to refer to that would tell me if the vision I was creating was, in fact, the right vision for me.

Now don't get me wrong.  It's not like I was discontent and I certainly don't begrudge those early years.  I enjoyed a certain amount of success and the choices I made were MY choices - nobody forced me into anything.

But then I met a woman named Sylvia, introduced through a mutual friend.  And my world changed.

Sylvia introduced me to The Birkman Method® and walked me through my report, sharing insights with me that rang true.

I was absolutely flabbergasted!

Finally I had the means to understand myself so that I could make better decisions about my life.  I could refer back to my "book of me" and use to evaluate new situations and opportunities that came up.

Suddenly I had a sense of connection with my signature strengths that I had never experienced before.  It almost seemed too easy but I couldn't deny the difference it was making in my life.

Finally I was experiencing a sense of connection between my inner and outer worlds.  I had, and still have today, the strong sense that this is what I am meant to do.

So I went and became certified by Bikrman as a consultant and brought this newfound knowledge and sense of meaning and put it to work in the non-profit world.

As soon as I started sharing The Birkman Method® with others, seeing firsthand the impact it could have not just in my own life, but in other people's lives as well, I knew immediately that this was going to be a big part of the rest of my life.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Since that time I have had the distinct pleasure of working with some incredible people including CEOs, Olympic athletes and everyday people who simply wanted more out of their experience of life.

My clients come from all walks of life, but the have two distinct things in common:

  1. They Were In Pain - whether because of their relationships, their work or their general experience of life, they were dissatisfied and discouraged.
  2. The Were Willing to Take Action - they weren't willing to wallow in their suffering like so many others; they were willing to take their Birkman Assessment and use it to make the right decisions for their lives.

Because of them, because of my clients and their willingness to be open and honest about the pain that they were in, because they were open the idea that The Birkman Method® could help them, they took action and applied what they learned to improve their lives.

And they improved mine, too.

The simple reality of my experience with The Birkman Method® over the past 15 years is that I wouldn't be enjoying the successes I've been fortunate enough to experience...

...I wouldn't be positively impacting the world through my consulting...

...I wouldn't have beautiful relationships with my wife and three children, with my extended family and with my many friends and colleagues...

...I wouldn't be in a position to make a unique offer to YOU today which, should you choose to accept will significantly alter the direction of your life and make a change for the better...

...were it not for my early introduction to Roger W. Birkman and The Birkman Method®.

"The Birkman Assessment Is Unmatched In My Experience!"

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"I've had lots of experience with various different kinds of testing instruments and The Birkman Method® is unmatched in my experience and it's helped me and my family tremendously.

"For example, my wife was having difficulty finding a pattern of regular exercise.  The Birkman Assessment showed that she had a high need to be outside, so instead of having her exercise bike in the basement, we put it near the pool and put it outdoors while she was exercising.

"This made a huge difference!"

- Dave Bentall
President, Next Step Advisors & National Water Ski Champion

How to Get Started With The Birkman Method®

In the past, the only way to get a deep understanding of what each area of the report meant and how they combine to illuminate and instruct the decisions you face in your life was to work directly with a Birkman Certified Consultant in a one-on-one consulting format.

The going rate for most consultants runs between $1200 - $1500 for a standard 4-hour consultation to walk you through your assessment results, explain each section to you in detail and answer any questions that come up about how the results apply to your specific pains, challenges and opportunities.

And if you had any follow-up questions or need clarification... indeed, if your situation changed or a new opportunity arose and you wanted additional support, you'd receive a bill for $350 per hour after everything was said and done.

Sadly, this is too cost-prohibitive for most people, which meant that too many people have been going without this valuable, life changing information.

Until now.

Because I believe so strongly that this assessment has the potential to dramatically alter the course of your life, starting just moments from now, I have spent the last four years developing an online learning environment to support you in understand your assessment results.

I believe that The Birkman Method® should be available to EVERYONE, not just those with the financial means to pursue a better life.

So, taking my inspiration from Roger W. Birkman's belief in the power of technology to transform the speed and availability by which we can offer this information to willing participants, I've taken it upon myself to create a unique, video-based learning environment that interfaces directly with the Birkman Institute's online results center.

When you complete your online assessment you'll get the entire report delivered directly to your digital doorstep, locked safely away inside your private member's area.

Your personalized assessment includes a total of 11 unique reports, comprising 34 total pages of information and insight specific to who you are.

Yes, I Want My Own "Book of Me"

This "Book of You" includes:

  • Life Style Grid (with Descriptors) - This report outlines specifically where you fit in the wide world of behaviors and interests.  You'll get the 30,000 foot view of yourself in a general sense as compared with the rest of the population.
  • Life Style Grid Summary - This summary page provides little more detail on your specific Life Style Grid results and introduces the beginnings of the Birkman Assessment concepts.  You'll see a clear overview of your core interests, usual produtive behaviors, central needs and the stress behaviors that may appear when those needs aren't met.
  • Occupational Areas of Interest - You will get your personal measurements in each of the 10 major occupational interest areas.  If any score is over 85, you will always be drawn to these areas for the rest of your life in work or hobbies.  If any score is under 35, although you may be able to perform here, you would be well advised to have others support you in these areas.

    (Hint: if you're experiencing even the smallest amount of dissatisfaction in your life, this report will help you pinpoint exactly where it's coming from!)
  • Strengths & Needs Graph - This is where you will dig in to your 11 core behavioral areas.  Each page will describe one thin slice of each of these 11 behaviors starting with your usual productive socialized behaviors.  Then you'll see the needs that must be met to keep you functioning well in this area.  And finally you will see the stress behavior that may occur if you don't have these needs met.

    It's like each page gives you a behavioral pathway from negative, non-productive stress behavior, back up to your usual productive, engaged behavior!
  • Preferred Work Styles - There are several critical pieces of your work style preferences that can dramatically affect your career performance.  Many of these important measurments can give you clear direction as to where you will shine and where you will need support.

    Understanding your general and organizational strengths alone are worth the price of your assessment!
  • Needs at a Glance - What if you had a "cheat sheet" for life that you could refer to anytime you had to make a major decision or change?  That's exactly what you'll get with this "at a glance" needs report!
  • Coaching Page - Do you already work with a coach or personal life advisor?  Would you like to improve your effectiveness at work or your relationship with your spouse?  Share this coaching report with the important people in your life and give them everything they need to help you be as effective as possible!
  • Stress Pages - This is a behavioral goldmine! Knowing what your stress behaviors are allow you to more quickly identify when your needs are not being met and take corrective action to move back to your Usual Behavior.  Get ready for your stress prescription - this one report can dramatically enhance your quality of life!
  • Job Families/Job Titles - Wouldn't it be nice to know if your core behaviors and answering patterns were similar or dissimilar to people who were already successful in all the major job categories and specific jobs?

    With this report you'll get a detailed analysis of the job or career paths that are best suited to your unique combination of behavioral traits and preferences along with direct links to the job descriptions, salary expectations, educational requirements and market conditions.
  • Profile Summary - This "behavioral MRI" is a single page summary of how you work from the inside out.  You'll learn to quickly read and understand this report and you'll refer to it time and time again throughout the course of the rest of your life!

Of course, you can download and print this report and share it with your family and friends if you choose (and I certainly recommend that you do).

Plus, you'll get the "Book of You" video mentoring series included with your assessment.

Yes, Let's Get Started Now!

This comprehensive video mentoring program includes:

Session 1 - Introduction (Duration: 5min 38sec)

In this short welcome video you'll get an overview of the complete virtual training environment and a sense of what your experience with University On You and The Birkman Method® will be like.

Session 2 - Lifestyle Grid (Duration: 10min 22sec)

Let's take a look from the 30,000 foot perspective to get a broad overview of your results.  Where do you fit in the wide world of behaviors?  Learn more about how your results reflect your current interests, aptitudes and general personality.

This video will help you set the foundation for the rest of the work we're going to do together and, as I'm sure you know, without a solid foundation beneath it, even the most beautiful home will come crashing down at the first sign of inclement weather.

Rest assured that after just 10 minutes, you'll have a much clearer sense of who you are then you ever have before!

Bonus Download: Lifestyle Grid Dictionary that you can refer to time and time again.

Session 3 - Occupational Areas of Interest (Duration: 9min 39sec)

Have you ever felt that your current job or career just wasn't giving you the personal satisfaction you desire and deserve?  Do you ever think, "There's got to be more to a job than just collecting a paycheck every other week?"

If so, know that you're not alone. This video was designed specifically to help you understand the area of your assessment that relates directly to your work and career.

What are your areas of interest and how to they interrelate with one another? Has your career to this point been spent primarily in the middle range areas, which is highly typical of people who have a degree of success mixed with unhappiness in their current role?

Or maybe you'll find a real sense of affirmation that you are on the right path and will gain additional insights into how you bring other aspects of your personality to assist you with realizing the vision you have for yourself as it relates to your work and vocation.

Bonus Download: Quick reference "Areas of Interest" PDF

Session 4a - Stength & Needs (Duration: 18min 58sec)
Session 4b - Stength & Needs (Duration: 23min 48sec)
Session 4c - Stength & Needs (Duration: 33min 19sec)

It's time to dig in and learn more about the 11 core behavioral areas covered by your Birkman Assessment.

In this section (broken down into 3 videos to make it easier for you to consume and digest), you'll learn about Esteem, Acceptance, Structure, Authority & Advantage; Activity, Empathy, Change, Freedom & Thought.  Plus the all important Challenge aspect.

For each, you'll discover the three different perspectives of each component: your usual behavior, your personal needs and your stress behaviors that can show up when your needs are not being met.

You Had Me At "Hello"

Session 5 - Preferred Work Styles (Duration: 17min 39sec)

These "general" and "organizational" strengths will give you additional guidance in terms of how you should go about doing what you do and the natural preferences you have as it relates to your work environment, how you interact with others, what leadership style you adopt and how you prefer your leaders to engage with you.

Session 6 - Coaching & Needs (Duration: 6min 30sec)

Your coaching and needs pages provide a powerful summary of what you need to be successful and provide a summary of how others can coach you (or how you can coach yourself) most effectively.

When you aren't getting your needs met (and let's face it, we're all going to experience this from time to time) we begin to display stress behaviors.  With your Birkman Assessment you'll be able to instantly recognize that you are in a stress pattern and use the coaching information to move quickly back to your usual behavior by ensuring your needs are being met effectively.

This coaching information is an invaluable gift you can give to the important people in your life so that they have the tools they need to recognize your stress behavior and help you get your needs met.

Session 7 - Stress Pages (Duration: 10min 45sec)

We all have stress in this culture and it seems as though we just can't get away from it.  Since it seems nearly impossible to remove, eliminate or avoid the daily stress of North American living, so we have to do the next best thing and learn to manage our stress in the best possible way.

This video module clearly outlines the various ways that stress might show up for you personally when your needs are not being met and gives clear, actionable strategies for moving away from stress and back into your Usual Behavior.

This module alone will transform and improve your life in deep and profound ways!

Session 8 - Career Report (Duration: 8min 19ec)

What is your ideal work?  Where will you best fit in the real world?  What types of environments suit you best?  Should you work with groups or alone?

This portion of your Birkman Assessment combines all of the other aspects of the report and compares them with situations in the real world to help you identify the kind of work and the work environment that your unique skills and preferences are best suited for.

If you're struggling to find success and/or satisfaction in your work life, you'll want to pay particular attention to this report and related video training module.

Session 9 - Conclusion (Duration: 2min 51sec)

What's next?  In this short video I summarize what we've covered and provide some suggestions for next steps you can take with The Birkman Method®.

The Book of You Web Series core components teach you how to understand and use your Birkman Assessment results in your own life.  They are like having me right there beside you, walking you through each component of your assessment, explaining what it means and how it can impact your experience of life.

But your private "Book of You" member's area goes even deeper than that.

Order Now

In addition to the "Book of You Web Series" videos, I've put together an additional 50+ videos in the "Book of You Learning Center" that will help you go even deeper into yourself, covering a wide range of subjects including:

  • Dive Deeper Into Each of the Component Sections of your Strengths & Needs Report that are part of your overall Birkman Assessment.

    When viewed individually, they seem to define simple characteristics that you will likely intuitively "get" immediately.

    Your assessment is very unique and the combination of Usual Behavior, Needs and potential Stressors are incredibily multi-dimensional.  When taken as a whole they provide a richly textured picture of who you are and how you prefer to act and be treated by others.

    The 11 videos that comprise this section will help you gain more clarity and a deeper understanding of each of this report sections and what they mean for you personally.
  • What Do Your "Areas of Interest" Mean For You?

    Based on your responses during your initial assessment, your report scores you in 10 specifica areas of interest.  These scores will give you an incredible sense of who you are "on the inside".

    Anything over 85 really gives you an occupational or life gravity level, meaning that you'll be drawn to these areas repeatedly throughout the couse of your life.  Scores on the lower end mean you just don't have the interest, even though you may have the aptitude.

    This is an important distinction because, quite often we will find that the majority of our career work is in areas where we scored lower than 85.  You might have a number of SKILLS, but if you're interest level is low, you likely won't be getting the satisfaction from it that you desire and deserve!
  • Understand Your "Preferred Work Styles" So That You Can Create Your Perfect Job!

    How do you prefer to engage with the world, your peers and your career in terms of your work style?  Some of us lean towards leading by example while taking a solutions-oriented approach, while others prefer to direct and delegate with action and urgency.

    Are you motivated at work by personal growth, professional acknowledgement or increased pay and responsibility?  Do you prefer to work directly with the general public or your end customer or would you prefer to be part of the machine that runs the business without having that direct contact?

    You particular preferences in this area, especially when combined with your other results above, will help you understand the type of job or position that is best suited to your style.
  • Plus Get The Additional Training & Support You Need To Understand The Summary Pages Of Your Assessment!

    Learn more about how the Life Style Grid, Coaching Page, Needs at a Glance report, Issues to Watch and the Stress Pages can individually and collectively help you understand your Usual Behavior, your unique set of Needs as well as the Stress Behaviors that may show up when your needs are not being met.

    Even more importantly, you'll receive strong tactics on how to quickly identify your own stress behaviors when they show up and take specific actions to have your needs met, which will naturally and automatically lead you back to your Usual Behavior!

Within the "Book of You Learning Center" you'll find an Encyclopedia worth of reference material that will help you trully begin to know and understand yourself, perhaps for the first time ever.

And there's no need to worry about memorizing everything all at once since you'll have lifetime access to this training center so that you can refer back to it whenever you need additional clarity or insight into a decision or specific situation you're faced with.

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"I Go Back to My Results On a Regular Basis!"

This text will be replaced

"I've used a lot of testing tools - aptitude testing, personality testing, team testing - and when I went into the Birkman process I thought 'here we go again - another one of these'.

"It's not.  It has so much more depth and personal application and things I've been able to use immediately in my relationships, in my work world and personally as well.

"It's like comparing a fast food joint to a 5-star restaurant in Paris.  The both serve food but they are totally different products, not even in the same genre.

"You've really got to experience it for yourself - it will be worth your time and your effort."

- Leanne

I want you to experience Birkman the way I have... and use that experience to create a life worthy of the unique, one-in-a-million-person that you are.

I want you to say "yes" to this opportunity to learn more about yourself than you ever dreamed possible... and to get all the benefits that come from knowing yourself.

And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that you can confidently accept my invitation to totally transform your life using The Birkman Method®.

My Gift To You For Ordering Today

So, when you choose the "Book of You" Web Series, Learning Center and Birkman Assessment today, I'm going to include a lifetime of private, member's only Q&A, absolutely free.

Please understand... I place a high value on my time and I charge accordingly, as much as $400 per hour in some cases.

But I'm willing to invest time each and every week to get on the phone with you and your fellow "Book of You" members and answer your questions about the Birkman Assessment and how your report applies to your unique personal situation.

Your access to these calls is completely unlimited!

You can be on as many or as few calls you like for the duration of your membership, which of course, is yours for life.

Why would I make such an outrageous commitment?

Because on my Birkman Assessment, I scored a 97 in social service.  Making a positive contribution to the greater community and the world I live in is part of my mission in this life.  I get immense personal satisfaction from making that contribution on a regular basis.

Every time one of my clients experiences a breakthrough because of our work together with Birkman, I get a jolt of energy.  I literally get a buzz from helping people in this way.

That's why my commitment to Birkman is so strong; why I'm willing to dedicate myself to helping you get the absolute most out of your assessment.

Give Me The Full Package

It's why I've committed to doing one more thing when you order today.

Assisting Entrepreneurs In the Developing World

As I've just said, I scored a 97 in social service interest.  It is in my DNA to be of service to the world and one of the ways I plan to contribute is by gifting one "Book of You Web Series" program for each one that we sell.  Birkman International is partnering with us to make this happen!  

These gift memberships will be distributed to men and women struggling with poverty in the Third World.

Nonprofit leaders, emerging entrepreneurs and their support teams will all have a chance to benefit from the University on You and the Book of You Web Series and Learning Center.

I envision The Birkman Method® assisting these new-world entrepreneurs by helping understand and assess their existing talents and modes of behavior so that they can make the best use of their skills and abilities as they transition their lives, the countries in which they live and work and, ultimately, the globe.

Your Investment In Yourself

I've already told you that it has become my personal calling to share The Birkman Method® with as many people as I possibly can.

I've spent the last several years building an online learning environment and tying it in directly with the Birkman online assessment systems in order to be able to offer a cost-effective alternative to personal consulting for anyone in the world who is interesting in moving their life forward in meaningful ways.

So you won't have to pay $1,500 plus expenses for a private, in person one-on-one assessment or the $350 per hour to get any additional questions you may have that need answers.

I was originally planning to offer this program for the reasonable price of $897 and I know for a fact that it is worth every penny of that price.

But I also realize that even that price was still cost prohibitive and would prevent many needing and deserving individuals from being able to access this life-changing information, especially in these uncertain financial times.

So I've made a radical decision to offer the entire program, including the complete Birkman Assessment, the Book of You Web Series & Learning Center, plus lifetime access to the weekly Q&A calls for the low one-time investment of just $697 $497.

Order Now for Just $497

100% Total Transformation Guarantee

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"It's Like He Put a Microphone & Video In My Office - That's How Much He Knew About Me!"

This text will be replaced

"When I first received the notification from my boss that I had to take the Birkman Assessment, my first thought was that I'm too busy and don't have time for this.

"About 3/4 of the way through the assessment questions I thought to myself again that this was a waste of my time..

"About 20 minutes in to my consultation with Dave Phillips, I started to become a believer.  After 30 minutes, I had to stop Dave and tell him how spot on the assessment was.

"I actually asked him if he had miced my office and installed a television camera because it seemed like he'd known me for my entire life!

"Believe in the Birkman Assessment - it works!"

- Frank

The Life You Were Born To Live

I don't want you to come back 20 years from now and say what Mike said to me:

"If I would have done the Birkman Assessment in my early 20s it would have saved me 20 years of my life."

- Mike Fron

Will you say "Yes" and begin a new adventure of personal discovery that will allow you to create your ideal life in every possible way?

Or will you decline this opportunity and continue living unfulfilled?

You are in a place of choice.

You can choose to do nothing, to continue living your life as you have up until this moment.  You can have the same relationships, the same work experience, the same struggles.

Or you can choose to act boldly and move confidently into a new, better life characterized by fulfilling relationships, a clear sense of direction and purpose in your career and with the tools and strategies to move effortlessly back into flow and ease whenever stress arises.

The choice is yours.  No one else can make it for you.  Choose wisely.

This is YOUR LIFE.  Will you live it fully?

If yes, I'd like to be here to support you.  Secure your ideal future as one of "The Lucky Ones" using the form below.

Priority Order Form

Yes Dave!  I want to be one of "The Lucky Ones" and am ready ready to "know myself" and discover how The Birkman Method® can help me make better decisions in every area of my life!

I understand that my purchase today includes:

  • Instant online access to the complete Birkman Assessment comprised of 298 questions.
  • Unrestricted access to the "Book of You Web Series" video mentoring center, comprised of 11 videos totalling 2.5 hours of modular learning.
  • Private, Member's Only Access to the "Book of You Learning Center" jam-packed with an additional 50 videos of "deep dive" content into each specific area of the Birkman Assessment.

As a bonus for ordering today, I'll also receive:

  • Lifetime access to the "Book of You Weekly Q&A Calls" which will allow me to get ANY question answered directly by you or one of your Birkman Certified mentors about any aspect of my Birkman Assessment and how it relates to my specific situation!
  • As a special bonus, a "Book of You" Web Series will be donated to an entrepreneur in the developing world.

Total Transformation Guarantee!

I also understand that I risk nothing by ordering today and that I have a full 90 days to review my Birkman Assessment results, watch the "Book of You Web Series" videos and deep dive into any aspect of the assessment inside the "Book of You Learning Center"....

I can participate on the weekly Q&A calls and submit any questions I have about my assessment results and how they apply to my specific situation...

And if I do not believe The Birkman Method® can totally transform my life for ANY reason, I can request my money back.

On that basis, please process my order now and give me instant access to the assessment.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

P.S. For just $497 you'll get the entire 34-page, 11 report Birkman Assessment, 11-video "Book of You Web Series"  and the 50+ deep dive "Book of You Training Center" videos, plus lifetime access to our weekly member's only Q&A calls where I (or one of your Birkman Certified mentors) will personally answer any questions you have about how your assessment results apply to your specific situation.

Place your order now.

P.P.S. Your investment in yourself is fully backed by my UNCONDITIONAL Total Transformation Guarantee.  Take the next 90 days to review your assessment results, all the 60+ training videos in the Web Series and Learning Center and join us on the Q&A calls to get all your questions answered.  If you aren't happy for ANY reason, simply let me know and I'll process a prompt & courteous refund.

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P.P.P.S. When you order today, I'll also donate a "Book of You Web Series" assessment & training package to a deserving entrepreneur in the developing world.  This assessment will ensure that she or he has everything they need to best use their passion & skills to break the cycle of poverty that binds them.

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